I think this image sums me up adequately. My name is Nico and I’m a pharmacy student I used to voluntarily write for Talk Nerdy With Us–and all articles I’ve written for that site have been put here in case of deletion. I’ve been wise enough (for once) to save the gifs and Word documents I made in process of writing those articles up. Until I feel better–and I quite like the freedom of no deadline here on WordPress…it’s just me rambling–this is where my posts will go. I do love analysis–into ethics, morals, humanity, war, science–and I hope I can relate that to Person of Interest.

People have shown interest in me recapping POI before as well. If that’s the case let me know–guess it gives me a hobby!

Elsewhere I love Fear the Walking Dead, Brooklyn 99, Fresh off the Boat, Empire, Game of Thrones and yes yes, I will watch Shadowhunters one day. XD

At the moment I’m a writer for TV After Dark in which, hopefully, I’ll be covering Fear the Walking Dead and a bit of Wynonna Earp, too.

3 thoughts on “About

    1. Haha no new content! Just the POI/Shaw one! Maybe as FTWD develops–there are so many themes and arcs to delve into there! POI has frazzled my mind though NEW TRAILER TODAY i am not chill. But HEY BUDDY! I hope you’re doing well! 🙂


  1. I must get around to catching up with the second season of Fear the Walking Dead. I feel this show may have potential and truth be told I am looking for another TV show that will interest me in the same way Person of Interest does or did. I fear this might be asking too much, which is why I am supporting the fight to get more Seasons of POI on the air.


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